1-5 May, 2023
Melbourne, Australia
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Welcome to ISSLS, the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine, bringing together individuals from across the globe for the purpose of research and clinical study into the lumbar spine. ISSLS serves as a forum for the exchange of information of both an investigative and clinical nature relating to low-back pain and disability.

Since its establishment in 1974, ISSLS has actively sought to advance the study of low-back pain and disability.

ISSLS members, some 400 surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, engineers, kinesiologists, epidemiologists and molecular and cell biologists from around the world, are at the forefront of developments and advances. Together, the contributions, activities and dedication of these individuals, have led to breakthroughs in many areas of spine research.

ISSLS encourages and supports young researchers and clinicians via its Fellowships and Awards Program. We are grateful for the generous corporate donations that allow young researchers to attend ISSLS Annual Meetings, where they present their papers and posters, meet like-minded clinicians and researchers, and continue their valuable investigation into spine disease and disability. The ISSLS Fellowship Program ensures that important research continues to be undertaken across clinical, bio-engineering and basic sciences.

The Annual Meetings are held in different cities around the world and ISSLS has participated and supported SpineWeek since its inception in Porto, Portugal in 2004.

The highlights of our meetings are the ISSLS Prize presentations, the Presidential address and the Harry Farfan Presidential Guest Speaker’s lecture. We invite all registrants from every society to join us for these sessions.

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