NSpine – innovative spine education

NSpine provides independent multidisciplinary spine healthcare education on the entire range of spinal conditions including topics not covered in depth by the traditional academic societies. The focus in NSpine events is on technical aspects and translation of knowledge into real world clinical applications presented by masters in their field.

Bronek Boszczyk – Spinal Surgeon & Director NSpine


NSpine is delighted to be participating at Spineweek and is proud to host:

Sex and the Spine

all you ever wanted to know about sex and the spine but were afraid to ask –

The symposium is multidisciplinary in nature and will provide ample time for discussions. The content is of an adult nature - please consider this prior to attending as discussions will be encouraged to be very open.

Learning objectivesThrough the “Sex and the Spine” symposium delegates will gain knowledge of:

  • the physiology of male and female sexuality
  • the impact on sexual health by spinal conditions and sexual history taking
  • current treatment concepts in sexual therapy relevant to spinal disorders




Dr. Bronek Boszczyk

Dr. Marcin Czyz

Dr. Maryem Ismael

Dr. Irene Hernandez

Dr. Martha Lee

Dr. Reuben Soh

Dr. Ronny Tan

Mr. Magnum Tsegaye