NASS Welcomes You to Singapore for SpineWeek 2016!

Dear Spine Care Professionals,
the North American Spine Society (NASS) welcomes you to participate in SPINEWEEK 2016 where NASS will present the latest developments in multidisciplinary spine care education, research and innovation.

During this meeting, you will have an opportunity to exchange ideas with expert faculty and attend sessions on timely updates and significant outcomes in the world of spine care.

Over the years, NASS has strategically developed and offered pertinent educational programs in partnership with regional spine societies worldwide. These collaborative efforts have allowed NASS to foster superior spine care globally. You can learn more about NASS’ programs and international outreach at

NASS is driven by a mission to help spine care providers and patients by fostering the highest quality, evidence-based and ethical spine care. To achieve that mission, NASS is committed to providing the educational programs and professional resources needed to improve spine care practice across various regions of the world.

On behalf of NASS, I invite you to contribute to the advancement of the global spine care community through your participation in SPINEWEEK 2016.

Christopher M. Bono, MD
President 2016