The International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery(ISASS) extends to you its inaugural invitation to join the Society at SpineWeek 2016.
In Singapore, our members will be part of a global event, in congruity with our mission to be a global network of professionals advancing the field of spine surgery by means of education and policy relating to the newest techniques and technologies in spine surgery.
With two of the ISASS Board members, Hee Kit Wong, MD, PhD and Marek Szpalski on the stearing committee, we look forward to the excellent level of programming.

You can learn more about ISASS's international educational efforts, advocacy, and events by visiting

We look forward to learning from you, teaching you, and fostering further knowledge exchange by our colleagues across the globe.
Together, we can build a better world for spine patients and spine practitioners alike. 


Gunnar Andersson, MD PhD, President ISASS