Welcome to the 5th meeting of the International Consortium for Scoliosis Genetics.

The International Consortium for Scoliosis Genetics (ICSG) is very pleased to be able to participate in SpineWeek.

The cause of scoliosis continues to be an enigma. ICSG is a unique multidisciplinary group focused on understanding the genetic causes of scoliosis. Our goal is to work together by sharing resources, ideas, and expertise to make new discoveries that would not be achievable through individual efforts. In this way, we will provide answers about the causes of scoliosis and possibilities for new treatments that will benefit patients and their families worldwide. We welcome participation by anybody interested to help unravel this great mystery.

During SpineWeek, ICSG experts will conduct a multidisciplinary instructional course to enhance the understanding of spine care professionals on the aetiology of scoliosis, as well as a scientific symposium on the latest cutting edge research. Please submit your latest research related to scoliosis aetiology to our meeting.

SpineWeek promises to be a great meeting in a fantastic location. We look forward to seeing you there!


Kenneth MC Cheung, MD

Co-Chair, International Consortium for Scoliosis Genetics


Carol Wise, PhD

Co-Chair, International Consortium for Scoliosis Genetics